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Industry Terms

Stair Lift Terminology:

Feet Per Minute - The speed at which the lift travels.
Call/Send Controls
Remote controls which are used to call or send the lift to the top or bottom of the staircase.
Fold Up Dimension
The overall width of the lift when it is fully folded against the wall.
Unfolded Dimension
The overall width of the lift when it is unfolded on the staircase.

Elevator/Lift Terminology:

Cab (Car)
Finished area of the elevator in which people ride.
The amount of weight a given elevator or lift is able to support safely.
Continuous-Pressure Operation
Constant pressure must be applied to operating controls in order for unit to run.  The unit will stop running if pressure is not maintained.
Doors are divided into two categories: landing doors and car doors. Landing doors are the outer door which prevent unintended access to the lift shaft when the lift is not located at the landing. Car doors are located inside the lift and protect the passenger in the lift during travel by preventing contact with the lift shaft.
The area enclosed by walls and doors for the travel of the lift.  The hoistway may include a pit.  The hoistway may also be referred to as a "shaftway," "hatchway," or "hatch."
A device having two related and mutually dependent functions: (1) an electro-mechanical device that will only allow the lift to operate if the landing doors are closed and in the locked position; (2) to prevent opening a landing door from outside of a hoistway unless the lift is landing, and is either stopped or being stopped.
Jack (Hydraulic)
A unit made up of a cylinder with a plunger or piston which uses energy created by a pressurized liquid.
Limited Use / Limited Application
Limited Use / Limited Application or LU/LA elevators are a new solution to providing accessibility in commercial buildings, this is a small passenger elevator allowing travel up to 25 feet. LU/LA elevators are ideal for buildings that need more than a wheelchair lift, such as schools, office buildings, and churches. This elevator requires a minimum 14" pit, reduced overhead in existing buildings, reduced hoistway size, and can operate on single phase power.
Overhead Clearance
The clearance needed to house the components on top of the elevator car. It is measured from the upper level floor to the lowest point at the top of the hoistway.
Preventive Maintenance
Inspections, adjustments, tests, and cleaning for elevator or lift equipment with the intention of preventing malfunctions from occurring under normal use. Preventive Maintenance is designed to keep equipment operating properly and is done on a regular basis.
Vertical Rise
Vertical distance between the lowest and the highest landings.
Winding Drum
A geared drive machine with suspension ropes fastened to a rotating drum, allowing the cab to travel up or down.


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