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Stair Lift Pricing


About this Guidestairlifts-stannah-siena-600-hand-control-1.jpg

We take a lot of pride in giving our customers a complete solution suited to their unique circumstances. Let this guide assist you in making an informed decision regarding the pricing of your stairlift.  After all, each stairlift is unique and requires some sound judgment to determine what’s right for you or your loved one.

Getting Started

Choosing the right stairlift for yourself or someone you care about can seem like an overwhelming task.  Finding the perfect stairlift for your home can seem even harder comparing various models and capabilities.  Most of our customers usually spend between $2500 and $5000 on their stairlift including standard installation, prices may vary for a more deluxe model with more features.


The Right Model For You:

Entry-Level Models:

Base models of a quality stairlift with a standard warranty, generally not including many advanced features or enhanced safety devices.

Premium Models:

Top Models of our quality stairlifts including advanced customization and unique installation.  Includes advanced safety features for added protection and peace of mind.  


Some Things to Consider:stairlifts-stannah-starla-260-curved-1-1.jpg

  • Standard Rails, or custom for Curved Stairways
  • Fold-able or fixed seating
  • A motorized Swivel Seat for easier mobility
  • Space available at top and bottom landings
  • Current obstructions, like window ledges, radiators, or doors
  • Total length of stairway

Whichever model you decide on, enjoy peace of mind knowing you have a high quality product that with provide you or your loved one with a whole new level of added mobility for years to come.


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